Feedback thread #1

Hello all. I’m kinda coming to you hat-in-hand for some honest feedback, or well, any suggestions you think would help with PlusHeart.

I’ve always kind of struggled with both finding a niche and purposefully limiting myself in order to find an audience. I know this is kind of the “harder way” of doing things, mostly because focusing on a niche allows you to focus on providing value based on a subject, rather than saying “Hey, this is me, find me saying things valuable.”

I struggle with “taking myself out of things” because there’s a small part of me that wonders if I’d end up burning myself out on a specific subject. PlusHeart’s original focus was supposed to be a test of this, but it kind of flared out as I went from talking about esports marketing/design to “esports, creating on the Internet, Twitch culture, social media, and the psychology of all of the above.”


I’d appreciate if you had any feedback of what you like about PlusHeart, what you think I should focus on, or if you have any thoughts on the above. This has been an ongoing brain goblin for me as I figure out how to reach more people, encourage out-of-network sharing, and other stuff.

Thanks, as always.