PlusHeart is a newsletter about esports (electronic sports, “video games as sports”), gaming, Internet culture, and how people connect with it.

It’s written by me, Matt Demers, who’s worked in esports for over a decade. It was originally minted with the idea of writing exclusively about marketing, design and fashion, but has expanded to include a lot of community and connection work.

This encompasses a lot of “hows”, “whys”, and “whats” about how people connect with gaming, competition, stories of personal drive, and mental health. People form communities based on these connections, and volunteer more and more of themselves to it in the process.

I think that kind of stuff is fascinating.

PlusHeart also aims to have an ongoing blog about these subjects that feels genuine, approachable, authentic and self-aware. It is not aiming to be the definitive “B2B Blog” for esports. It is looking to capture the mood and flavor of “old blog culture”, for whatever that counts for anymore.

I hope you’ll join, participate, read, and think.

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I believe that audio posts are important in a landscape of podcasting, but also allows me to do some editing on-the-fly and “director’s commentary” about things that I’m exploring in posts.

Commenting privileges are mostly to save my bandwidth.

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