Aug 19, 2022 • 10M

Issue #24 - Readlong and Audio Notes

Audio notes and readalong for "PlusHeart Issue #24 - Resisting being a sockpuppet (with PlatinumParagon)"

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Matt Demers
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Hello hello! Here's the audio readlong for my interview with PlatinumParagon (aka Dr. Natalie Coyle).

Instead of just reading my post on this (or like, the quotes I'd transcribed) I figured I'd go into why I enjoy Dr. Coyle's content so much, and why I admire her as a person. I really think that principles are hard to come by as a creator, and when someone sticks to their guns, I respect that a lot.

Thanks so much for the continued support. Please don't hesitate to give me feedback on these audio readalongs, because I'd like to do more with them if I can.

Links I mentioned in the episode:

PlusHeart Issue #24 - Resisting being a sockpuppet (with PlatinumParagon)
Listen now (68 min) | Today’s interview is with Dr. Natalie Coyle (aka @PlatinumParagon), an academic who I’ve followed and enjoyed for a couple years now. Dr. Coyle writes about video games and related topics with a stro…
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